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Plazmapen is one of the most innovative treatments for wrinkles and hardening of the skin. Galvanized shocks burn and evaporate high-water skin layers. It helps to remove connective tissue and stimulate fibroblasts in the skin, which leads to increased collagen and elastin production. Stimulates cell function and skin regeneration not only on the surface but also deeper even in the lower layers!

3 hours of training / required model

  • 1 hour theoretical part
  • 2 h practice

The course price is 150 euros



Mesotherapy is a revitalizing rejuvenating method designed for all ages to prevent aging through an extreme dose of nutrients directly into the skin. Special products for skin rejuvenation, body contours, or for treatment, and to remove hair loss problems. Via multiple microinjections, a sterile biological solution filled with vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants and coenzymes is administered intradermally.

3 hours of training required model

  • 1 hour theoretical part
  • 2 h practice

The course price is 160 euros.


PMU 3 day course 1000 euro

Each of us wants to simplify in the morning from long-lasting beauty and therefore has developed the PMU Pernament make up to highlight and correct fine skin flaws. PMU is a temporary tattoo in the area of the eye and pier eyebrows, the skin micro-pigmentation carried out with natural organic and inorganic substances. Its durability is 1.5 years from skin dependence. 

1 day 

  • 2 hours of theory
  • 1 hour latex practice
  • Theory and visual demonstration of full eyebrows on model
  • Live Living Experience 2-3 h

2 days

  • Classic eyeliner
  • Theory 1 h
  • Practice on latex 1h
  • Live model
  • Live Living Experience 2-3 h

3 days

  • 1 hr theory
  • Live Model Preview
  • Live Living Experience 2-4 h
  • Oral certificate submission


PMU Upgrade

Powder brow
It’s shadowing the eyebrows, with the beginning of the smoothest effect.

  • 1 hr theory
  • Latex practice 2h
  • Preview
  • Live life model 2-3h

The course price is 500 euros.



It is the most natural way to highlight and thicken the shape of the eyebrow with the help of a blade that creates fine lines like a hair. The basis is to maintain the direction and shape of the hair.

  • 2h Theory
  • Microblading training on latex 2h
  • About the week to submit the work and practice test on the model

990 EURO